The beginning of everything.

Welcome to Ismuser.

Ismuser is a service which allows you to embed video conference and several real-time services in your website. You will be able to create virtual rooms with everything you need to see, hear and share media content with your clients or users.

And all of this directly from your own website, with your own design and totally adjusted to your needs.

Getting started

The main goal of Ismuser is to turn video conference and Magic Board services into a black box, where you do not need to worry about its administration, management or development.

This page documents the basic functionality of the API and shows how to get a fully working room in a few steps.

If you want to start using it, you can sign up here.

First Steps

The objective of this tutorial is to help you to get a working room in a few steps, where you will be able to use the video conference, chat and Magic Board modules.

The easiest way to start using Ismuser is to introduce your website domain in the Dashboard and afterwards creating a room. You can do it all from your Dashboard, and you just need to take note of your domain API KEY and the ROOMID of your recently created room.

This would be the workflow:


Create a domain and a room

What is an API KEY and a ROOMID?

Always you introduce your website domain in the dashboard, you will get a number called API_KEY. This API_KEY identifies your domain and let our service to recognize you are the user who are trying to use Ismuser. This API_KEY has to be present in every authentication process, for instance in the API or SDK.

You can get your API KEY in your dashboard:


On the other hand, the ROOMID identifies a room. Ismuser works creating rooms, and each room is identified by a unique number that is given to you to use with the API. You can create a room from dashboard or from SDK.

From dashboard:

Note: When a room is created using the dashboard, it is created with debug enabled. Learn more about what is and how to use it in the debug documentation page.
Note: The SDK is not needed to make Ismuser work in your project. You need the SDK when you want to create rooms on runtime, without using the dashboard. You can learn how to use the SDK here.

What's next?

Congratulations! We assume you already have a valid API_KEY and ROOMID, so you can jump directly to learn how to embed the JavaScript snippet in your own website:

Wait, can you just show me a demo?

Of course, we have designed some demos to show and explain the basic functionality of Ismuser. In them, you can use video conference, the Magic Board and the chat modules.

Don't hesite to share this links with your friends or partners to use the video conference in good company.