Video Conference and real-time services on your website.

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Introducing Ismuser.

The easiest and more reliable way to connect your clients each other.

This is what Ismuser is


Video Conference

Face-to-face and cross-platform live video communication for your web or application. Our API lets you create up to 10 people video conferences at a time.

Magic Board

Real-time services

We have created the Magic Board, a bunch of apps that you can embed for enjoying video, images, keynotes and much more among your users.


Live chat

Add a fully functional live chat in your projects. You can get it working adding just a line of code.

This is why you'll love it

Simpler yet powerful

Customizable as much as you want

Ismuser is able to adapt itself perfectly to any kind of website or mobile application. You can customize any parameter to offer to your clients a nice user experience.

You decide how things have to look, not us.

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Simpler yet powerful

We're developers too and we like to play with extensive and adaptative things. Ismuser can be executed in barely 10 lines of code, but it lets you build awesome and fully customized projects as well.

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Simpler yet powerful
Simpler yet powerful

No installation required for your clients

Ismuser works perfectly in all browsers and no plugin installation is required in your clients' computers. It just works out-the-box.

You'll be able to embeb Ismuser soon in your own mobile apps as well.

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The better dashboard for the better tool

Once you get signed in, you'll have access to our beloved dashboard. From there, detailed statistics about your API usage and well performed controls for managing are waiting for you.

You will discover how useful our Dashboard may be for you.

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Simpler yet powerful

Start using Ismuser.

What are you waiting for? Ismuser is currently in beta and for the time being it's free!